the Seven Vital Chakras Blend Set

  these formulas were developed to correspond to, tonify, and balance the 7 vital chakras.

 2 full years of intense research, meditation, and experimentation enabled us to create these special blends 

which are useful for energy work and psychological/emotional processing. 

the Seven Vital Ckakra Blends are composed of many 

fine and rare aromatic ingredients  in a base of pure, organic jojoba oil 


name:     4ml.
Muldhara   root    $25.00 
Svadhisthana  sacral    $44.00 
Manipura  solar plexus   $25.00 
Anahata heart    $30.00 
Vissudha  throat    $25.00 
Ajna  brow    $30.00 
Sahasrara crown    $44.00 

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