< About this website

This website was originally created mostly by hand coding HTML with a tiny bit
of microshaft frontpage in 1999. I then updated it just the slightest in 2007, again,
mostly by hand with coffee cup editor
and then again in 2009. Years went by before i finally did a little bit of work on it sometime around 2012.
In 2018 i created the one page that doesn't seem like it was written by a first week student (perfumes).
As i write this it's 2/2025

It is meant as a way to keep up to date on the happenings at GOSD.
There is no "Buy it Now" and a robot will have it picked, packed, and shipped later today.
The land of fine aromatics is not the land of instant shopping gratification (imo).
GOSD is a one wizard operation for now.
GOSD is now on a tighter schedule of shipping than in years past.