Some GOSD background

                Garden of Sensual Delight came together in the summer of 1994. I always had a strong interest in the world of aromatics (i didn't just burn incense to cover the smell of weed burning as a teenager, i collected all sorts of different kinds). When i packed up a backpack and settled out on foot to discover myself, and my world, in early 1994, i wanted to find some creative endeavors to replace the fun i was having making music. The large stacks of amplifiers, racks of FX, and my bass and synths wouldn't fit, so, i started doing art again and delving into essential oils. I could not stay away from the essential oil displays in natural food stores and visited many rose gardens. I decided i wanted to start making massage oils. At a flea market in Marin Co. CA, i met a guy who had a table full of 2oz. cobalt blue bottles. We started talking and he took out a kit full of oils and we sniffed away for hours. Later that day i embarked on my first blending experiments. A few months later i had a small essential oil kit, basically four ginseng boxes with 44 six ml. oil bottles, thirty or fourty 2oz. bottles and a gallon of carrier oil. I would set up on Shakedown St. or at festivals, and make custom blended massage oils to sell and trade. Eventually i traveled by car, then by van, then rented a cabin with my friend and as i did the essential oil collection grew (as did my aromatic library). For the next four years, i averaged about five hours a day of study and experimentation with the oils. I distinctly remember the first ounce of pure rose oil i purchased in 1999. For all the i this, and i that, Garden of Sensual Delight is a bit of an independent entity (and a network of close friends) that somehow has weathered the chaos of my life and is still functioning, making people smile.
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