the BOOK(s) i read:


1. Exploring Atlantis, vol.1   by Frank Alper   

      somewhat disappointing, vague

2. Healing Mantras    by Thomas Ashley-Farrand

      excellent guide to many useful mantras

3. Lying, Stealing, and Cheating    edited by Sara Nickles

    amusing but not groundbreaking

4. the Alchemy of Sacred Living    by Emory J. Michael

      inspiring, a worthy read. high vibration words

5. Plants of Love     by Christian Ratsch

     a compendium of aphrodisiacs

6. Water and Sexuality     by Michael Oden

    a study of the connections between birth, water, and sex

7. Opium    by Martin Booth

    critical and somewhat slanted look at opium culture, good historical view

8. Can (the Book)

    history of the German band

9. Theremin, Ether Music and Espionage    by Albert Glinsky

        excellent biography and good history (1920s and 30s). Leon Teremin was an early inventor of electronic music instruments 

10. the Secret Chief     by Myron Stolaroff

    biography of a healer using psychedel*cs

11. Hypatia of Alexandria    by Maria Dzielska

      good but somewhat vague ( there's probably a dearth of info on the subject) history of Hypatia the brilliant woman scholar

12. the Age of Spiritual Machines    by Raymond Kurtweil

       predictions of human/computer merging. thought provoking

13. the Body Electric     by Robert O. Becker and Gary Seldon

     info on the electrical substrate of the human body

14. the Name of This Band is Talking Heads    

15. the Dream Drugstore    by J. Allan Hobson

                good but quite technical look at neurochemistry 

16. Synthetic Panics     by Philip Jenkins

           drug scares and how they are created 

17. Psychic Warrior     by David Morehouse

        heavy info about US government involvement in psychic research 

18. DMT: The Spirit Molecule     by Rick Doblin     

19. the Ambient Century     by Mark Prendergast

            from Mahler to trance- the evolution of sound in the electronic age 

20. Cloud-Hidden Whereabouts Unknown    by Alan Watts

             my favorite author and one of the greatest inspirations in my life

22. Psychoactive Sacrementals    edited by Thomas B. Roberts  

23. the Secret Power of Music   by David Tame

    a look at the influence of music on a society, not my favorite book on the subject. 

24. All Yesterdays' Parties, the VU in Print   by Clinton Heylin 

         the Velvet Underground!  

25. Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill        by Udo Erasmus

     republished as Oils That Heal, Oils That Kill.--- this excellent book could save one's life  highly recommended

26. the Shock Doctrine        by Naomi Klein

     a simple , in-depth explanation of how global capitalism works. excellent

27. What's the Matter with Kansas?        by  Thomas Frank

        good look at how the fundamentalist republicans have seized power in places like Kansas

28. Nickel and Dimed                          by  Barbara Ehrenreich

                   funny, but not so funny,  investigation of how the 'low income' segment of the US lives

29. Sex in History                 by  Reay Tannahill

           fairly interesting at best

30. the Life and Death of Adolph Hitler         Robert Payne

         not very informative considering the size of it (574pgs) no mention of black magic or amphetamine.               fear inducing parallels to our time 

31. Inspired Madness the Gifts of Burning Man                   Dale Pendell

           title says it all.    makes me wanna go again

32.  the Fire from Within                            Carlos Casteneda

       i'm amazed how much people squabble over whether these are factual accounts or not. as ken kesey said "it's all true whether it happened or not"

          i read this book on new years day 1988 and remember that morning well, it certainly has given me some serious insights.   --find your petty tyrant--

33. the Ghost in the Machine      Arthur Koestler

     introduces the concept of holons- self contained entities that are part of a greater entity. excellent book

34. Saucerful of Secrets            Nicholas Schaffner

       reminded me why i like THE Pink Floyd so much

35. the Geography of Nowhere         James Howard Kunstler

      explains why our cities are so alienating and many other amazing points. excellent read.

36. Slaughterhouse Five or the Children's Crusade        Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

               you've read  Vonnegut, right?

37. Hitler, Black Magician                    Gerald Suster

              better than #30 but still missing many pieces of the puzzle such as the US capitalist support, and chemicals

38.  Columbus and Other Cannibals             Jack D. Forbes

      strange how so many people laugh when i mention reading this book. one of the least funny books i've ever read and well worth it      should be classroom reading for grade school

39.  ARKTOS the Polar Myth in science, symbolism, and nazi survival             Joscelyn Godwin

           strange tales of secret worlds within worlds

40.  Chaos Gaia Eros              Ralph Abraham

            an optimistic look at bifurcations in history

41. the  Secret Teachings of Plants              Stephen Harrod Buhner

           the heart is a sense organ

42. Walking With Nobby                            Dale Pendell

    this is a highly thought provoking book (for those people who have a good background in history, mythology, religious study, philosophy, etc.)

 43.   the Tree of Lies                                Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt

     deprogramming the Zombie culture.   most highly recommended for those few people who want to be truly alive instead of 'secure'

44. the Spirit of the Internet                   Lawrence Haggerty

      sort of a motivational book on the cyberdelic revolution

45. the Beast Reawakens                               Martin Lee

            an upbeat look at how fascism has come to dominate the modern world.  also a fun history of how prominent nazi spies and 

           scientists were incorporated into  US intelligence outfits

46. the Covert War Against Rock                            Alex Constantine

                 how and why did Jim Morrison, Jimi, Tupac, Phil Ochs, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Brian Jones, John Lennon really die?

47.  Everything is Under Control   Conspiracies, Cults, and Cover-Ups                       Robert Anton Wilson

            i like most of R A W's writing but this was fairly useless read for me. maybe i've read too many other books...

48.      Sugar Blues                                       William Dufty

                   like sugar? you might like it less after you read this excellent book

49. I Have Fun Everywhere I Go            savage tales of pot, porn, punk rock, pro wrestling, talking apes, evil                    bosses, dirty  blues, american heroes, and the most notorious magazines in the world                      Mike Edison

              even though i have many books to read i had to buy this. made me laugh...a lot. great story and great writing

50.     Rule by Secrecy   Jim Marrs

     another eye opener for those who care about stuff




What a trip, this list is so old. I actually bought some of these used from Amazon when they were a book reseller website. Now, the are one of the five horsemen of the techapoclypse. For every book on this list i must have read a hundred or two more, back then although i no longer read one non fiction book a week i still manage to read one or two a month. My ipad was quite useful as an ebook, i had over a thousand titles.

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