Exquisite Perfumes 


Hand crafted in small batches at the Essential Delights Alchemy Lab, these perfumes will take you to new dimensions. Starting with all natural essential oils and aromatics, i create diffusive, radiant blends based in perfumers' alcohol. These potions, hand-crafted in small batches, will invigorate, satiate, sooth, and arouse the wearer and all who have the good fortune to be nearby. Due to the Nature of these blends and the flux of the market in pure aromatics there is a continual evolution of the formulas and ingredients that we use. This means that some formulas vary slightly over the course of time. On occasion there are special one-of-a-kind perfumes available which will never be recreated.
         Currently there are four wonderful perfume blends available: 
Five Roses 2ml. $42 
RSVP 2ml.  $32 
Lush Tuberose 2ml. $32 
Amber  3.75ml. $24


Five Roses is the culmination of years of experiments with many different rose oils, resulting in this full bodied aroma. This blend, in particular, is constantly reformulated as we discover or revisit different top quality rose oils.

RSVP is one of our oldest formulas, created in 1995, updated in 2006, and presented for your pleasure.

Lush Tuberose is simply narcotic. The thick, bold smell of tuberose surrounded and floating on a bed of vanilla.

Amber, my amber formula was started in 1998 and completed in 2000, a well tuned composition, and the most requested blends that i have created so far. This formula is also constantly upgraded and more finely balanced. There are over 22 ingredients blended and aged in this aroma. As we discover more pristine sources and more exotic trace ingredients the Amber gets better and better. This formula is also available as anointing oil in a base of pure, organic jojoba oil.

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updated 5/07

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